About us

Motocross is our favorite sport and our passion. We often sat together at the race track and talked for hours about the latest equipment, styles and developments in the scene. It's not always easy to get the parts you need. In addition, there was an almost non-transparent range of decor producers. Often only tips and contacts exchanged on the racecourse helped. Unfortunately there was no big MX Online dealer nearby to ask him why. We also never had the feeling that the strategy of the "big" companies was focused on maximum customer benefit. And finally, the customer allows us to exist in the long run.

In October 2017, we launched our first online shop to bring our vision closer to you. Among other things, we offer fat brands from SEVEN MX, FASTHOUSE, FLY RACING, THOR MX and of course our in-house produced decor sets.

Today we are a young company with a small team. We produce custom-fit and adhesive decors for your bikes, directly at our site in Oschersleben. In addition, we run a constantly growing online shop, which should make your hobby a bit easier and more beautiful. With cool styles and brands, horny looks and a team that is always there for you. No matter if via Facebook, phone or on the race track.

We are Jeanett, Philipp, Henning, Peter, Marian, Kevin, Kirill, Victor and Robert. We want to make the motocross scene a little bit better with you. We want you to cut a good figure on the track, your bike to be supplied with cheap parts and shopping online to finally be really fun again.

So you can concentrate on the essentials: to ride right up front and live the hottest sport in the world!

Here you can see Philipp & Robert - a small part of the MOWIK team.

Nice that you visit us!